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It's the landscape witgh its crystal-clear lakes, the juicy flower meadows and the rugged mountains that make the people in Austria what they are: people who enjoy their lifes. It's a good thing to appreciate the beautiful things and preserve traditions, that is the feeling of living in Austria. This naturalness, the hospitality, the table and food culture and the consciousness of tradition are also found in every piece of Gmundner Keramik. This is where the values of Gmundner Keramik have arisen.



The history of Gmundner Keramik extends far back into the past, as archaeological discoveries in the city of Gmunden, located at the north end of the Traunsee, and its surroundings prove. As early as 1492, Gmundner Keramik was mentioned in documents. In the following decades and centuries, Gmundner Keramik focused on figurative art, until the takeover by Johannes von Hohenberg put the main emphasis on the production of high-quality tableware, for which Gmundner Keramik is today world-renowned .



The products are produced 100% in Austria, from the mass processing, to shaping and painting, everything happens in the manufactory in Gmunden. Inspired by the beautiful landscape and the friendliness of the people, Gmundner Keramik stands for an Austrian attitude towards life, hospitality,



It is the handicraft that makes Gmundner Keramik so unique. Made and painted with love by hand. The manufactory stands for Austrian quality: unique production techniques and quality assurance together with high staff standards and qualified employees form the basis for the quality of the products - supplemented by an ecological and sustainable production. Up to sixty times, the exclusive Gmundner pieces go through the knowledgeable hands of the ceramic specialists .



Gmundner Keramik is special, today as well as in former times. It has a distinctive design, timeless elegance, powerful colours on bright white and soft ceramic shapes. Due to the liveliness and craftsmanship, each piece is individual and vivid. No one is like the other - every piece is unique. Beautiful things arise when they are made with love. That makes us happy. Since the beginning of our manufactory in 1492.

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